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Austrian paperartist, setdesigner and illustrator Filius de Lacroix, born in 1969 near Vienna, discovered his affinity for paper when studying architecture in Vienna. He likes to reduce images to their simplest, purest form: the one created by the play of light and shadow. working exclusively with white paper he makes reliefs you´ve never seen before. He uses uncoated paper, so that his reliefs absorb their surroundings and turn yellow with time, to tell also a story about aging.

Since Filius de Lacroix started to work with paper, he did artworks for customers like Peek & Cloppenburg, YSL, Sleek - Magazine, Wienerin, Woman, Presse - Schaufenster and in November 2012 his first Solo exhibition „Deep Throat“ depending on Pornmoviestills from the 70s.